Understanding Marketing Signaling

Marketing signaling provides information beyond the mere form of a message. Is your brand sending out the right signals?

How to Make Google Ads to Work for B2B

Google Ads for B2B requires a different strategy than a consumer product. Here are six tips for making it work for B2B campaigns.

4 Tips for a Successful Product Launch

A successful product launch can raise spirits and fortune of any company. Be sure to include these four tips when planning your next launch.

The Importance of Specificity in Marketing

Specificity in marketing is about showcasing your expertise so potential customers have an easy time knowing exactly how you can solve their problem.

Should Your B2B Company Be on TikTok? Maybe!

As with any social media platform, before your B2B (or B2C) company makes the jump to include it in your content plan, you have to get really clear on three things: Your capacity, your goals, and your audience.

Three Essential Steps to Differentiate Your Product

One of the biggest advantages of uncovering your leadership position through differentiation is that it can start to build strength and equity in your brand position.

How to Get More Media Coverage (and Why Media Relations is Still Important!)

Media relations is still critical to building a B2B brand. This article explains why and gives advice on how to get more earned media coverage.

Seven Features of the Best CMS Platforms

Our checklist and comparison of features for content management systems will help you choose the best CMS for your website.

B2B Social Media Essentials

Not sure where to start with social media for your B2B marketing strategy? Here’s a handy rundown of tips and techniques to breathe new life into your accounts- plus a handy downloadable worksheet.

How to Create a Corporate Newsletter that’s Actually Interesting

Use our corporate newsletter ideas to write content that employees will actually want to read, and learn how to make every edition better than the last.


Working Collaboratively with Clients on Branding

Working collaboratively is part of our culture here at SCG, and we relish opportunities to make great work in true partnership with our clients. The branding process is no different, and in fact it’s one of the more collaborative services we offer.

The Power of Listening in Creating Corporate Values

While many companies talk a good game about their corporate values, too often they have little to do with the day-to-day realities of their employees.

Good Targeting Gets Even Better with LinkedIn Interest Targeting

LinkedIn recently added an interest targeting capability that nicely adds to their existing targeting options to get ads in front of qualified B2B audiences.

How to Come Up with Content Marketing Ideas that Actually Work

Generating (actually good) content marketing ideas requires being clear about what your audiences really want. Read our tips on how to do it.

Color Theory is Essential for Marketing Designers of All Skill Levels

Designing anything with color – logos, ads, banners, newsletters, business cards, websites – can be overwhelming for anyone, whether it’s your profession or…

Transform Your Messaging for a Competitive Advantage

Make your company soar above the competition using SCG’s compelling and effective messaging strategy. The key is better messaging, not more.

Building Brand Values From the Inside Out

Over the 23 years we have been providing public relations and marketing communications services, I have visited with hundreds of businesses—some big, some small and many more in between. I have met wonderful people, and others who I had to tell politely that they were too awful to consider working with.

Bringing Marketing Video into Focus

Marketing video is an important piece of today’s marketing plan. Learn how you can start implementing video into your plan with these helpful tips.

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Our online marketing program has recently delivered a new customer with multi-million dollar potential. I highly recommend them to any company looking for a complete marketing program designed for success.

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Research guides everything we do at SCG. Our IPQ Research™ process identifies your brand’s strengths, competitive advantages and opportunities for success—to take off from your current state and land at your strategic vision.

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For a small company like ours, being able to leverage the talents and resources of a company like SCG is a game changer! The people we work with at SCG are first class, extremely helpful and very responsive.

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From the launch pad of marketing research, our Brand Vision process propels your business forward by creating standout B2B branding. We begin by crafting spot-on messaging before developing the visual identity that lifts your brand above the competition.

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Strother Communications Group nailed what we were looking for. We’ve heard so much good feedback from dealers and customers about our new brochure and website.

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SCG’s content strategy and content marketing programs help your brand demonstrate its expertise, draw in new prospects and regularly engage with followers. Digital, print, audio, or video—we can do it all in-house.

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From creative web design and content to skillful search engine optimization, we offer full-service digital capabilities to bring your business to life online.

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As a full-service marketing agency, we select the right mix of traditional and digital tactics including advertising, sales collateral and video to boost your brand above the competition.

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Public Relations

News coverage remains one of the most effective ways to build awareness, understanding and support for a brand. SCG has the experience, creativity and tenacity to land high-profile media opportunities for your company along with handling reputation management, crisis counsel and internal communications.